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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on Hong Kong-related Issue

Q: I'm wondering if you could give us a readout of the meeting that Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming had with the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab? And can you clarify when the Chinese side expects to summon UK representatives, because yesterday you said that China would be doing so, summoning the UK side to speak about Simon Cheng's allegation of torture that he has made?

A: I wonder whether you've noticed that the Chinese embassy in the UK already issued a readout on Ambassador Liu Xiaoming's meeting with Foreign Secretary Raab.

I shall stress that the police guaranteed all his lawful rights and interests when Simon Cheng was under detention and he confessed all his offenses.

Yesterday, some of you asked about UK Foreign Secretary Raab summoning Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, and I said I was not aware of that then. But I also said the Chinese ambassador would by no means accept the so-called concerns or representations raised by the UK over this case. Instead, the Chinese ambassador will lodge representations with the UK to express our indignation and concerns.

If you read through the readout issued by the Chinese embassy, you will find my judgment correct. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming lodged representations to the British side then and there. He pointed out that Simon Cheng is a Chinese citizen in Hong Kong, and the case involving him is entirely China's domestic affair. The Chinese police handled the case in accordance with law. The UK's so-called representations are simply unjustifiable. He also expressed indignation and strong opposition to the UK's repeated wrong words and deeds regarding Hong Kong.

Follow-up: Through Simon's account though, what had happened is very different from what the Shenzhen police and the Foreign Ministry have said. Can you comment on the allegations that he made?

A: Like I said yesterday, in August, the police of Luohu District, Shenzhen offered some statements on the case. Simon Cheng was placed under a 15-day administrative detention by police in Shenzhen for violating Article 66 of the Public Security Administration Punishments Law. The police handled the case in strict compliance with law and guaranteed all his lawful rights and interests.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that Simon Cheng confessed all his offenses.

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