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·  Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the UK to Issue Two-year Multi-entry Visas to British Nationals        ·  The Operation of the HYSY 981 Drilling Rig: Vietnam's Provocation and China's Position        ·  Changes of "Guidelines for Visa Applications"       
Home > Hot Topics > Riposte to Abe and Japanese Militarism
· Chinese ambassador to UK urges Abe to apologise(2014-02-17)
· Chinese ambassador to UK urges Abe to apologize(2014-02-14)
· Chinese Embassy Refutes the Japanese Ambassador's Commentary in the Financial Times(2014-02-07)
· Chinese ambassador answers tough questions on Sky TV(2014-01-28)
· No forgetting Japanese brutality, war vet says(2014-01-21)
· Ambassador: Japan's move is deja vu of Nazi Germany(2014-01-13)
· Chinese ambassador: Militarism is like "Voldemort of Japan"(2014-01-13)
· Ambassador Liu Xiaoming talks to Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight(2014-01-11)
· Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in London Ripostes to Japanese Groundless Accusations(2014-01-08)
· H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming's live interview with BBC World Service(2014-01-07)
· Ambassador Liu Xiaoming talks to ITV News at Ten(2014-01-06)
· Liu Xiaoming: Japan's refusal to face up to its aggressive past is posing a serious threat to global peace(2014-01-02)
Chinese ambassador to UK urges Abe to apologise
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