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· For the People's Lives and Safety -- A Glimpse of the PLA Efforts in China's Fight against the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic(2020-03-05)
· Archibishop of Canterbury offers support to China in fighting COVID-19(2020-02-22)
· First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland express sympathy for China over COVID-19(2020-02-22)
· Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Taiwan region's participation in the World Health Organization (WHO)(2020-02-20)
· The Chinese Embassy in the UK expresses thanks to the people for their sympathy, support and best wishes(2020-02-19)
· Embassy Spokesperson's letter to Financial Times on its unjustified comments on China's fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic(2020-02-19)
· Home Secretary Priti Patel stresses the importance of working together to combat spread of virus(2020-02-18)
· The Chair of the UK APPCG Richard Graham MP wrote to the Embassy to express sympathy to China(2020-02-18)
· Lord Dafydd Wigley Expressed Solidarity with the Chinese Government and People on Fighting against Covid-19(2020-02-15)
· Chief Executive of HSBC Global Banking and Markets Expresses Solidarity and Support for the Chinese People on Fighting 2019-nCov(2020-02-12)
· British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Appreciated and Expressed Support for China on Fighting against Coronavirus Outbreak(2020-02-11)
· UK Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government extends regards and appreciation to Chinese people on fighting 2019 nCorv(2020-02-09)
· Queen Elizabeth II Conveys Her Condolences and Blessings to the Chinese People in Their Efforts to Contain the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic(2020-02-08)
· Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang Meets with UK Ambassador to China Barbara Janet Woodward(2020-02-07)
· The Scottish Chambers of Commerce extends regards and support to Chinese people(2020-02-07)
· UUK and UKCISA Made Statements Accusing Racism and Hate Crime Against Chinese Students Over Coronavirus(2020-02-05)
· Director of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs Office Yang Jiechi Speaks to UK Cabinet Secretary and National Security Adviser on the Phone(2020-02-05)
· Jia You China! -- Good wishes from Northern Ireland Politicians, Educators and Teachers and Students of Confucious Classrooms(2020-02-05)
· WHO: China has helped reducing the spread of the coronavirus(2020-02-04)
· China Newsletter (Supplement Issue: China's Novel Coronavirus Fight)(2020-02-01)
· [Xinhua] WHO opposes imposing travel or trade restrictions on China(2020-01-30)
· Embassy Spokesperson: Contact details for counter-coronavirus donations(2020-01-28)
· Embassy spokesperson: Report by The Sun groundless(2020-01-28)
· [Xinhua] Latest: Xi orders resolute efforts to curb virus spread(2020-01-23)
· The State Council Information Office of China holds a press conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus-related pneumonia(2020-01-23)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on the spread of the novel coronavirus(2020-01-23)
For the People's Lives and Safety -- A Glimpse of the PLA Efforts in China's Fight against the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic
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