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Chinese Embassy in UK
·  Notice on the Temporary Suspension of Entry into China by Non-Chinese Nationals in the UK Holding Valid Chinese Visas or Residence Permits        ·  Important Notice: Validity of Nucleic Acid Test Certificate Reduced to 3 days        ·  Q&A on the Airline Boarding Requirement for Certificate of Negative Result of Nucleic Acid Tests for Covid-19       
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· Notice on Adjustment of Services of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in London(2021-04-21)
· Notice on Resumption of Services of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in London(2021-03-12)
· Notice on applications for Consular Legalization via the Chinese Visa Application Service Center(2019-10-08)
· Fees for Consular Documents(2018-11-04)
· Notice of Legalization Fees adjustment(2018-03-08)
Notice on Adjustment of Services of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in London

From 27 April 2021, the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) in London will adjust its services as follows:

1. Application for visa and legalization will be accepted on Tuesday and Thursday (09:00-14:00). Address:12 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DU.

2. For visa application:

Applicants with emergency humanitarian needs, for C-visa (issued to foreign crew members) or engaging in major economic, trade, scientific or technological activities in China shall, in accordance with Notice on Updated Requirements for Visa Application on 25 November 2020, make an appointment online before submitting applications to CVASC.

3. For legalization, please submit the application according to your pre-booked time slot on CVASC website.

4. For health and safety reasons, applicants are required to wear face masks, have their temperature taken and observe other CVASC protective measures.

5. Please follow this website for updates on any further change. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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