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Minister Ma Hui Gives Speech at China-UK Scholars Virtual Workshop
2021-05-20 19:07

On May 18, Minister Ma Hui of the Chinese Embassy in the UK attended and delivered a speech at the China-UK Scholars Virtual Workshop co-hosted by the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD) and the Bradford University. Around 30 Chinese and British scholars from CPAPD, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, Saferworld, the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Lau China Institute of King’s College London, and the Society for Anglo Chinese Understanding were at the event.

In his speech, Ma said the workshop represented a strong will and active effort from both China and the UK to enhance exchanges and cooperation despite the pandemic. For more than half a century, China-UK relations have maintained a momentum of growth despite winds and rains or ups and downs along the way. There have been difficulties and even setbacks, too. Nonetheless, both history and the current situation prove that a sound and steady China-UK relationship serves the common interests of both countries and their peoples.

“This relationship would move forward and deliver more benefits to the peoples of our two countries only if we respect each other’s core interests and major concerns, engage in win-win cooperation, and deal with differences in an appropriate manner,” said Ma.

Ma emphasized that in the face of the pandemic and profound changes both unseen in a century, and at the crossroads of China-UK relations, visionary people from both sides, especially young scholars, should follow the trend of history and the times, play their unique role, and inject positive energy into China-UK exchanges and cooperation. First, it is important to have a global vision. Young scholars from China and the UK should adopt a global vision, act in the spirit of mutual respect, and carry on the tradition of inclusiveness and openness, so as to help the peoples of both sides better understand each other’s visions, appreciate each other’s cultures and build a closer bond. Second, it is important to avoid rigid mindset. Young scholars from both countries should choose the right side of history, break the shackles of habitual mindset, take down the ideological fences, and come to a right understanding and strategic perception of each other. Third, it is important to take up responsibilities. Young scholars from both sides should, in the spirit of a community with a shared future for mankind, contribute more ideas to closer communication and dialogue between the two sides so as to reduce the “deficit” in mutual understanding and trust, promote the sound and steady development of China-UK relations, and deliver more benefits to the peoples of both countries and beyond.

An Yuejun, Secretary General of the CPAPD, said that amid the complicated international situation full of uncertainty and instability, both Chinese and British young scholars should strengthen communication and exchanges to contribute positive energy to the development of China-UK relationship and world peace and stability.

The participants had in-depth and candid exchanges on various topics, including China-UK relationship, post-pandemic international security situation and understanding of China in the West.

*  *  *

The Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament, the largest non-governmental organization for peace in China, was founded in June 1985 by private citizens’ groups and prominent public figures from various sectors in China.

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