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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on Relevant Article by UK Ambassador to China

Question: China summoned the UK ambassador on Tuesday to lodge stern representations over an article she wrote on the role of the media. What was the specific point the ambassador made in this article which the foreign ministry disagreed with? Why is it inappropriate for foreign diplomats to give their views on Chinese social media, given that Chinese diplomats often do so on foreign platforms and publications?

Spokesperson: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has already summoned Ambassador Caroline Wilson to state our solemn position on the relevant issue. You can also check out the reactions of Chinese netizens to her article. Who is right and who is wrong is clear, and the public also knows the answer clearly. Ambassador Wilson's article, with a confused logic, avoids all the facts, including the British media's disinformation and false reporting on China, and deliberately confuses news slandering with news supervision. The article makes no mention of the Chinese media being suppressed in foreign countries, but praises the so-called Western experience in an arrogant tone, and makes irresponsible remarks about China's system and media. It is in nature an interference in China's internal affairs, reflecting her consistent double standards and deep-rooted ideological prejudices.

The Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming also published some articles during his stint in the UK, all of which are in objective and positive tones, meant to introduce China and China-UK relations. Some of his articles have been written to dispel false words and rumors concerning China disseminated by some British media. He has never written any article to provoke disputes, or attack the British system. In fact, when Ambassador Liu Xiaoming published articles in the British media, it was not as free and easy as Ambassador Wilson said, as his articles have been repeatedly rejected in recent years.

I also want to emphasize once again that the responsibility of diplomatic institutions is to promote friendly bilateral relations. Diplomats have the obligation not to interfere in the internal affairs of their host countries. This is a bottom line that cannot be crossed.

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