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Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang Meets with UK Ambassador to China Barbara Janet Woodward

On February 6, 2020, Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang met with UK Ambassador to China Barbara Janet Woodward.

Qin Gang briefed on the latest development of prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus. He stressed, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, bearing our responsibility to the Chinese people and the international community in mind, have adopted the most thorough and strict prevention and control measures and have seen achievements in prevention and control. The Chinese side has the confidence and capability to win this battle. The life and health of all the foreign nationals, including the UK people, are guaranteed.

Qin Gang noted, the World Health Organization (WHO) highly praises the Chinese side's strong measures for the epidemic, and does recommend pulling out foreign nationals immediately, as the WHO does not believe it is safe to do so from a professional perspective. The best thing to do is to stay put and take proper self-protection. We hope the UK side will respect authoritative and professional WHO recommendations, bear the general picture of China-UK exchanges and cooperation in mind, assess the epidemic situation in a calm, objective and rational manner, do not overreact, do not adopt restrictive and discriminatory measures and support China in fighting against the epidemic with tangible actions.

Barbara Janet Woodward said, the UK side attaches importance to the Chinese side's concerns, fully supports the Chinese government in taking active and strong measures for the epidemic, and is willing to do its best to provide help. The UK side will assess and cope with the epidemic in a prudent and calm way and will not impose restrictions on the entry of Chinese nationals and flights from China to the UK. The UK opposes discriminative attitude towards Chinese nationals because of the epidemic.

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