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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks

On 26 November, the Chinese Embassy official lodged representations to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK and stated China's position regarding the case of Simon Cheng.

The Chinese side pointed out that on 9 August 2019, Cheng was arrested by police authority of Luohu, Shenzhen for soliciting prostitution. He was placed under a 15-day administrative detention according to Article 66 of the Public Security Administration Punishments Law of the People's Republic of China. To protect his privacy in accordance with law and at his own request, the police did not notify his family of his offence. During his detention, all his lawful rights and interests were guaranteed in accordance with law. There was no such thing as "extorting confessions by torture" as claimed by Cheng and the UK side. According to the procedural regulations on the handling of administrative cases by Chinese police authority, Cheng was given a full physical examination before his release on 24 August, which shows that he was in good physical condition. Regarding this case, the facts are clear and the evidence is concrete. Cheng confessed all his offences, and the Chinese law enforcement institution's handling of the case was completely justified and lawful.

China expresses strong discontent and firm opposition to the UK side who disregarded the facts, confused right and wrong and discredited and defamed China's law enforcement authority and their normal handling of the case. China asks the UK side to redress its mistake publicly and immediately.

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