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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on the 39 deceased in Essex, UK(Continuation I)
Q: Do you have any updates on the 39 bodies that were found in a truck in the UK?

A: So far the British police are still investigating this case and have released some updates. At this point they have yet to confirm the identity of the victims. The Chinese Embassy in the UK has been in touch with the British side, asking them to provide more valid information for further verification of the identity of the victims.

I have to stress once again that no matter where these victims came from, it is indeed a great tragedy and we are very saddened.

Illegal migration and human trafficking are international problems that need to be tackled by all countries with concerted efforts. China stands ready to make vigorous efforts to address the problems with the rest of the international community.


Q: There has been some speculation - I stress it's just speculation - that perhaps some of those found dead were Vietnamese people and that maybe they had fake Chinese documents and had gone to Europe via China. Does the Chinese government have any evidence to suggest that is true? Is this an issue that you have been discussing directly with the Vietnamese government, or has the Vietnamese government asked the Chinese government for more information on this?

A: Like I just said, at this moment, the British police are still investigating the case and cannot confirm the identity of the victims. They have yet to provide more information to us.

Regarding the so-called speculation you cited, I wonder on what basis such speculation is made. Also, we hope that relevant parties should base their observations on facts instead of making preconceived and subjective conjectures.

I would like to point out that the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam is also in close communication with relevant Vietnamese departments.

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