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Embassy Spokesperson's Letter to the Sunday Telegraph on its report on Hong Kong issue

On 20 October 2019, the Sunday Telegraph published a letter by Ms.Zeng Rong, Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, on its report on Hong Kong issue. The full text is as follows:

The report entitled "The tension between Hong Kong and China has spread to British universities" published on October 13th is a one-sided account of what happened and reflects an inherent prejudice. It seems to be playing up so-called conflict between students from China's mainland and Hong Kong, blaming the former and charaterising their spontaneous display of patriotism, i.e. opposing "Hong Kong independence" and upholding the unity of their country, as "being manipulated and used by the Embassy and their agents in an organized fashion." But there is no investigation into what really happened, nor interview on any student from China's mainland. Such report is far from being objective and balanced, and could only mislead readers with misinformation.

Coincidentally, on the night of October 1st, more than 60 people, all wearing black masks, gathered in front of the building of Chinese Embassy in the UK to create trouble. They hurled eggs, ink and other random objects onto the gate, painted "Hong Kong independence" slogans on the wall on both sides of the gate, and aimed laser pointers at the security cameras to cover their offences. Those actions severely challenged China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and threatened the dignity of the Chinese Embassy and the safety and security of the staff and premises of the Embassy. This serious offence was not reported by The Sunday Telegraph or other British media due to an apparent selective blindness.

The above shows that impartial, fair and objective reporting is badly needed with regard to news on Hong Kong, in order to keep the facts intact and avoid misleading the public. The British people deserve the whole truth about who is destroying Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.


Zeng Rong

Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy


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