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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi: Strengthen G20 Solidarity to Fight COVID-19

On 24 March, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke with Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi over the phone.

Wang noted that the COVID-19 outbreak in various places around the world has become a major challenge to the international community. When China was in the depths of the outbreak, President Joko Widodo called President Xi Jinping to express support and the government and various sectors of Indonesia donated to China in cash and in kind. That is something we will never forget. Now as Indonesia is battling the epidemic, we feel keenly for it and express sincere sympathies and firm support to the Indonesia government and people. China stands ready to deepen cooperation with Indonesia on epidemic response. China-assisted supplies have left for Indonesia today and we will provide facilitation for the country to purchase epidemic response supplies from China. China is also ready to share its experience with Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. We are confident that under the leadership of President Joko Widodo, the Indonesian people will ultimately prevail over the epidemic.

Wang said in the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, China and Indonesia, both being important members of the G20, should work together for more solidarity and coordination among the group and send a unified positive message. They should also support other countries in their outbreak response and contribute to global public health security.

Retno congratulated China on effectively containing the epidemic and appreciated China sharing experience with and providing medical supplies to Indonesia and other countries. It demonstrates China's sense of responsibility as a major country. Retno gave an update on the latest epidemic response in Indonesia and expressed the interest to learn from China's experience and further deepen cooperation with China. She agreed that virus knows no borders and politicizing the outbreak is not helpful for global solidarity against the epidemic. Indonesia stands ready to work with China to step up cooperation at the regional and global level.

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