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Wang Yi Talks about Current China-Russia Relations

On May 26, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expounded China’s view on the current China-Russia relations in a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov of Russia following their talks in Moscow.

Wang Yi said that the world pattern is currently experiencing a profound reform. China and Russia share a number of same or similar notions and views on the world, in other words, China and Russia have a high degree of convergence points of interests. China values the mature and stable comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination with Russia. No matter how the international situation changes, cooperation between China and Russia will be reinforced rather than being weakened. China-Russia relations will advance forward instead of going backward. Any tones that undermine China-Russia relations become feeble in front of facts, and any attempts to demolish China-Russia relations are futile in front of the unity between China and Russia.

Wang Yi said that both China and Russia are currently making all-out efforts to promote the integration of the “Belt and Road” construction and the Eurasia Economic Union, and promote the strategic and major projects including energy investment, aviation and aerospace, and connectivity for substantial progress. Both countries are full of confidence in the prospects of bilateral cooperation.

Wang Yi pointed out that China and Russia keep close communication and coordination on major international and regional problems at all times, and have become the central pillar in the cause of safeguarding world peace and tranquility. The Chinese side stands ready to reinforce international strategic coordination with Russia to show the responsibility as major countries and jointly well safeguard the peace and stability of the global village.

Wang Yi said that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is about to finish admitting new members for the first time. China is willing to, together with Russia, vigorously carry forward the Shanghai spirit, facilitate the consolidation of unity and mutual trust among the SCO members, comprehensively deepen practical cooperation, actively coordinate international stance, and promote regional security and development, so as to forge the SCO into a reliable guarantee and powerful support for all the parties to safeguard stability, develop economy and improve people’s well-being.

Wang Yi stressed that China and Russia share highly consistent stances on the Korean Peninsula issue. Both countries advocate realizing the goal of denuclearization of the Peninsula, firmly uphold peace and stability in the Peninsula, oppose any words and actions that could escalate the tension of the situation, and oppose the deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system in the name of the Peninsula nuclear issue, which demolishes China-Russia strategic security. China and Russia will continue to promote all the parties to solve the problem through dialogue and consultation, and continuously make responsible efforts to the realization of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and to the security and stability in the Northeast Asia.

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