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Cooperation and Exchanges in Other Fields

In recent years, China and the EU have conducted extensive cooperation and registered good results in scientific, technological, agricultural and educational fields.

1. Scientific and Technological Cooperation

In December 1998, China and the EU signed the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation. The two sides agreed to open to each other their respective scientific and technological plan and conduct large scale scientific and technological cooperation. At present, such cooperation has made new progress in information, environmental protection, energy and etc. In 1997, during the visit to China by Mr. Martin Bangemann, European Commissioner in charge of industrial policy, information and telecommunication, the two sides signed the Joint Statement between China and the EU on Strengthening Cooperation in Information and Telecommunication. In 1998, China and the EU signed financial agreement on the "Comprehensive Environmental Protection Project in Liaoling" and the "Cooperation Project of Environmental Management". The cooperation between China and the EU in the energy field is also fruitful. In 1998, new projects were agreed upon between the two sides in Beijing. In 1999, the two sides issued the joint statement on strengthening their cooperation in the energy field.

2. Agricultural Cooperation

China and the EU have begun their cooperation in the agricultural field since the beginning of 1980s with positive results. In 1996, the two sides signed the agreements on EU assistance in dairy project (second phase) and the project of buffalo stocks improvement, etc. At present, all the projects are going smoothly.

3. Educational Exchanges and Cooperation

China and the EU have conducted extensive cooperation in the educational field, including simultaneous interpretation training and academic exchanges, etc. In 1994, China Europe International Business School was established jointly by China and the EU in Shanghai Jiaotong University, to train talented people in international business and economic management. In 1997, the Project of Cooperation between China and the EU in Higher Education was launched, according to which China sends over 100 people to be further trained in the EU. European study centers have been sponsored by the EU in Renmin University, Nankai Univerity, Fudan University, Wuhan University, Sichuan United University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and etc. In October 1997, Chin and the EU signed the agreement on the Project on the Training of EU Young Managers, whereby the EU would send 225 young people from EU member states to China to receive training in language and business know-how so as to have managers from European countries capable of doing business in China.