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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Donation of Medical Supplies to the UK by the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK: Take up the Responsibility and Join Hands to Combat Covid-19
Chinese Embassy in the UK, 8 April 2020

Lord Mayor Russell,

Chairman Fang,

Mr. McLean,

Mr. Burn,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning!

It is a real delight to join you at this on-line event.

Around the world, Covid-19 is still raging and the pandemic continues to take its toll. At this darkest hour, the Chinese people stand firm with the British people.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fighting a personal battle in intensive care, I sincerely wish him speedy recovery and hope he will come back soon to continue leading the British people in this battle against the virus.

Virus does not respect borders. Virus does not discriminate. People of the world must work together if we are to win this battle. At the height of the challenge from Covid-19 in China, Her Majesty The Queen and Prime Minister Johnson sent sympathy and support to China, and British people from all walks of life donated funds and supplies. We were deeply touched and we will never forget.

Now the UK is fighting its own battle against the epidemic. We felt keenly for the UK and stand ready to provide assistance to the best of our capability.

In a matter of one month, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Boris Johnson had two telephone conversations. This demonstrates the firm determination of our two countries to join hands to overcome the current difficulties.

  • At the moment, the relevant departments of the Chinese Government are working around the clock to facilitate the UK in purchasing much-needed medical supplies, including ventilators.
  • Last week, a joint team from Shandong, China flew into London with donations of ventilators, testing kits, protective gowns, goggles and surgical masks.
  • Experts from our two countries held zoom conferences and shared experience.
  • Our two sides have close cooperation on testing methods, R&D in vaccine and medicines and clinical treatment.
  • 7,000 NHS Chinese medical workers are fighting shoulder to shoulder with their British colleagues.
  • Chinese communities here in this country are working actively to donate funds and supplies to the NHS.
  • Businesses from our two countries are also collecting supplies and raising funds through various channels.

Today, we are here to witness the donation of the first shipment of medical supplies from the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK and the Bank of China to the Lord Mayor's Appeal. These supplies, including ventilators, protective gowns, goggles, masks and gloves, will be sent to NHS hospitals and health care institutions at the very frontline in a timely manner.

This donation, once again, shows the global vision of Chinese businesses who are willing to live up to their social responsibilities. It demonstrates true friendship between China and the UK in times of hardships. It displays the spirit of cooperation which underpins our joint response to the epidemic. It is a vivid illustration of the China-UK "Golden Era".

Three days ago, Her Majesty The Queen delivered a televised address, encouraging all British people to remain united in the fight against Covid-19. Across the UK, 750,000 volunteers have signed up to go to the frontline of this battle, and the public have been applauding medical workers to express their gratitude.

We are deeply touched. We see in these responses the spirit of unity, the perseverance and the optimism of the British people. They reinforce my belief that winter will be over, spring will come and the darkest hour will end. "We will meet again some sunny day"!

Thank you!

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