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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Attends Online Conference between British Medical Experts and Joint Team from Shandong Province

On 30 March, the joint team from Shandong Province held an online conference at the Chinese Embassy with the British medical experts to share experiences on fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, Wang Hua, Head of the joint team from China and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial People’s Congress, and Jonathan Van-Tam, UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, spoke at the beginning of the conference. The medical experts from the joint team and the UK side exchanged views on epidemic prevention and control, and NCP diagnosis and treatment.

Ambassador Liu pointed out that under the direct leadership of President Xi Jinping and thanks to the massive efforts of all Chinese people, China has achieved positive results in epidemic prevention and control, and accelerated the resumption of normal economic activities and social order. However, the epidemic is now spreading globally and the situation in the UK is worrying. At this critical moment, no country can stand aloof, and the most urgent task is to enhance cooperation and stand together hand in hand. Over the past month, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Boris Johnson had two telephone conversations, through which they had achieved key consensus regarding China-UK cooperation in fighting the pandemic. Under such circumstances, the joint team came to the UK to implement the consensus between the two leaders and continue to deepen China-UK cooperation in battling the outbreak.

Ambassador Liu said, recently, China and the UK have shared information and exchanged experiences in various forms, which has achieved positive results. He hoped that today’s meeting would inject new impetus and pool new cohesion into China-UK cooperation in fighting the pandemic. As President Xi said, the ongoing battle against the Covid-19 outbreak is a living proof of how much we belong to a community with a shared future for mankind. “I am confident, with our concerted efforts, we will win this battle and embrace an even better future for China-UK relations,” Ambassador Liu said.

Vice Chairman Wang said that the main purpose of the joint team coming to the UK is to extend regards to Chinese students, Chinese community and Chinese companies in the UK, and guide them to work together with the British public to achieve a speedy win over the pandemic. Under the strong leadership of CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi as the core, the Chinese government and the Chinese people mobilized in a fast pace waged a people’s war against the epidemic, which has achieved important progress in the current stage and an accelerating resumption of normal economic activities and social order. China is deeply grateful for the sincere help and support from the international community, including the British government. To support the British people to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, the joint team this time brought medical supplies such as ventilators, testing kits, hazmat suits, masks and goggles. China stands ready to work together with the UK to implement the key consensus between President Xi and PM Johnson. Meanwhile, he hoped that the UK would take effective measures to safeguard the health, safety and rights of the Chinese nationals living in the UK, especially overseas students, and ensure timely medical service for them.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Van-Tam congratulated China on containing the virus with effective measures and paid tribute to Chinese health workers for their bravery and selflessness to face the epidemic. As the UK is now at a critical moment of combating the virus, he thanked the Chinese government for the invaluable assistance and provision of much-needed medical supplies such as ventilators and protective gears. He believed that China’s knowledge and experience in the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of the epidemic will help UK fight the virus.

The medical experts from both sides exchanged views in details. The Chinese experts answered a wide range of questions from the British side, including the treatment for critical NCP patients, medical and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, isolation, diagnosis and treatment for patients with mild symptoms, and antibody testing. The British experts expressed their appreciation to the Chinese experts for their practical and effective explanations and their willingness of drawing lessons from such valuable practice and experience. They look forward to more communications with China, sharing experience and strengthening collaboration to combat the virus together.

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