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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Meets with Chairman of Swire Group

On December 10, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming met with Barnaby and Merlin Swire, Chairman and CEO of the Swire Group, at the Chinese Embassy.

Ambassador Liu said that over the past six months, the anti-China elements seeking to disrupt Hong Kong have continuously escalated violent offences at the excuse of relevant amendments. Their actions have trampled on rule of law, disrupted public order, severely undermined the prosperity and stability in Hong Kong, and gravely challenged the bottom line of "One Country, Two Systems". The current situation in Hong Kong has nothing to do with so-called democracy or freedom. The essence of the issue is about safeguarding rule of law, defending national sovereignty, and bringing violent offenders to justice. President Xi Jinping has clearly pointed out, "The top priority for Hong Kong is to end violence and restore order. We will continue to firmly support the SAR Government under the leadership of the Chief Executive in governing Hong Kong in accordance with law. We firmly support Hong Kong police in strict and rigorous enforcement of the law. We firmly support the judicial institutions of Hong Kong in bringing violent offenders to justice in accordance with law. The Chinese Government remains unwavering in its determination to safeguard China's national sovereignty, security and development interests, implement 'One Country, Two Systems', and oppose any interference from external forces in Hong Kong affairs."

Ambassador Liu pointed out that for months some British politicians have been making irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong and interfering in China's internal affairs. Their words and deeds have not only damaged China-UK relations and affected Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, but also undermined the interests of 300,000 British citizens and more than 700 British companies in Hong Kong. We have reiterated our solemn position and urged the British side to respect China's sovereignty, abide by the principle of non-interference in China's internal affairs and exercise prudence on issues related to Hong Kong.

Ambassador Liu emphasized China's full confidence that the SAR Government will stop riots, restore order, safeguard rule of law, and maintain Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability. As a leading British company in Hong Kong, the Swire Group should take the lead in boosting business confidence in Hong Kong, supporting the SAR government to administer Hong Kong in accordance with law, and promoting Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and China-UK relations.

Barnaby and Merlin Swire thanked Ambassador Liu for briefing them on China's views and position on the current situation in Hong Kong, which has bolstered their confidence in doing business in Hong Kong. The Swire Group is a British company based in Hong Kong whose success is an embodiment of the success of "One Country, Two Systems". The recent instability in Hong Kong has severely affected Swire, especially the business and reputation of Cathay Pacific. The Swire Group and Cathay Pacific have properly addressed the issues and publicly condemned all illegal activities and acts of violence. Swire is confident in Hong Kong's future and will continue to support the SAR Government to end violence and restore order, and support "One Country, Two Systems", so as to promote the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and China-UK relations.

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