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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Closing Ceremony of the 15th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention: Our Common Roots, Our Shared Future
ExCel London, 23 October 2019


Chinese and British Entrepreneurs,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good afternoon.

It is a pleasure to join you at the closing ceremony of the 15th WCEC. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in London, I wish to extend my warmest congratulations on the success of the Convention.

The three-day Convention brought Chinese entrepreneurs from all over the world to the UK. It is a great reunion of the Chinese entrepreneurs' family. It is a moment to reconnect with our ancestry roots. More importantly, it is a platform that enables the entrepreneurs to adopt a global vision and make plans for future development. It will not only go down in history as a WCEC that attracted participants from the greatest number of countries. It has also displayed the three major features of the WCEC to the UK, to Europe and to the world.

First, WCEC is a hub of connectivity. Sharing a common ancestor, speaking the same language and involved in the same trade, Chinese entrepreneurs form the most extensive network with the greatest potential in capital, connections and information in the whole world.

Just as CPPCC Chairman Wang Yang said in his message of congratulations, WCEC can pool the strength of the Chinese entrepreneurs in the world, highlight their image, and promote exchange and cooperation. It is an important platform of global influence.

This platform is a natural hub of connectivity. It could play a unique role in the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative and the great cause of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

I hope the Chinese entrepreneurs will continue to tap your potential, integrate your resources and explore new business channels. I hope you will put the concepts of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits into practice. I hope you will be the bridge linking the Chinese entrepreneurs in the world with your counterparts in Europe and other places, and linking China and the world. In doing so, you could open up new space and create new opportunities for world economic growth.

Second, WCEC is an engine of Chinese spirit. At the core of the Chinese national spirit is the continuous desire to reach for the best, the firm belief in friendship and brotherhood, and the open mind that tolerates differences. This is a summary of the image of the Chinese entrepreneurs all over the world. This spirit enabled the Chinese entrepreneurs to achieve success in their own business and make important contribution to the great miracle in the development of New China.

President Xi Jinping said, the vast majority of the overseas Chinese and Chinese descendents have made an indelible contribution to the great achievements of China's reform and opening-up; Realizing the Chinese dream is the common aspiration of the Chinese sons and daughters home and abroad, and will deliver more benefits and create more opportunities for the people all over the world.

I hope the WCEC will carry forward the Chinese spirit and encourage Chinese enterprises to seize the new opportunities of the new round of industrial revolution and the opportunities of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. I will count on you to make relentless efforts and become a strong and reliable force on the journey towards the great renewal of the Chinese nation.

Third, WCEC is a perfect example of coexistence between different civilizations. Nature depends on biodiversity. Likewise, the human society thrives because of diverse civilizations. The Chinese people are known for their traditional ethics, such as the love for peace and the respect for each other. The Chinese entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to understand both Chinese and Western thinking.

This is why the WCEC has grown into a people-to-people forum devoted to peace and friendship. Chinese entrepreneurs from all over the world come together for this Convention, where they engage one another in lively discussions, bring together peace-loving and development-oriented people from other countries and influence decision-makers and industry leaders.

This is a forum for dialogue between different civilisations. This is a platform for inclusive exchanges and mutual learning. This is the way forward to carry the torch of peace and shine the light of mutual learning.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The curtain is about to fall on a successful convention, but the 15th WCEC will leave its indelible mark on the history of global Chinese business development and the economic cooperation between China and the UK. It will remind us of our common roots and encourage us to build a win-win future.

In conclusion, I wish the WCEC continued success and greater achievements in the future.

Thank you.

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