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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Visits THOMSON REUTERS

(Editor-in-Chief David Schlesinger Introducing Thomson Reuters to Ambassador Liu)

On May 7, Ambassador Liu visited Thomson Reuters,met with David Schlesinger, Editor-in-Chief of Thomson Reuters, and attended the working lunch held by Mr. Schlesinger. Also present were Henry Manisty, Global Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs,Thomson Reuters, Michael Lawrence,Global Head, News Specialists, Sean Maguire, Global Editor of Political and General News, Andrew Torchia, Treasury Editor, EMEA, and Press Counsellor Liu Weimin of the Chinese Embassy.

Mr. David Schlesinger welcomed Ambassador Liu and said that Reuters began to operate in China in 1871. Now, Reuters has branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and there are 30 resident correspondents. The main business scope in China includes financial information and news services. Reuters has attached significance to the cooperation with China, and has established sound working relationships with governmental institutions such as the State Council Information Office and the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Xinhua News Agency as well as other partners. He expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Embassy in the UK for the generous support and assistance provided to Reuters, especially the convenience provided to its correspondents to cover stories in China. He hoped that China may continue to provide its support so as to further deepen the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides.

Ambassador Liu affirmed the overall balance and objectivity of Reuters’ China-related reports and said Reuters was the first one of the British Media to set up branches in China. China has attached importance to the cooperation with Reuters. The two sides enjoy huge potentials of cooperation in news services, economic and financial services and other fields. The Shanghai World Expo which is being held has provided a new opportunity for the deepening of cooperation in economic, trade and cultural sectors between the two countries, and Reuters is welcomed to actively cover the World Expo. He hoped that Reuters may continue to report on China in a comprehensive, multi-angled and more in-depth way and play a more positive role in promoting the understanding of China by the British public and the external world. The Chinese Embassy in the UK is willing to maintain and develop a sound partnership with Reuters and continue to provide assistance to its China-related reports and other China-related businesses.

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Founded in 1851, Reuters is one of the four major news agencies in the world and was merged with the Thompson Corporation, a Canadian media magnate. The businesses of Reuters are composed of two main parts: economic and financial information services and news information services. For news information services, Reuters has over 2,300 correspondents and editors in 197 branches in 130 countries and regions around the world, and provides press releases and TV, internet, picture and statement news in 19 languages including Chinese.

Reuters established a branch in Beijing in 1955 and began to dispatch resident correspondents. Now, it has 30 correspondents and 400 employees in China. Reuters has established business relationships with over 500 Chinese financial institutions and its customers are located in 64 cities.