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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Visits China Booths at the London Book Fair


(Ambassador Liu and Director Alistair Burtenshaw of the London Book Fair Cutting the Ribbon Together for Hanban's Booth)

On April 19, the 40th London Book Fair opened at Earl's Court Exhibition Centre in London. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming and his wife Hu Pinghua attended the opening ceremony of this major event in the international publishing circles.

Ambassador Liu visited the booths of General Administration of Press and Publication of China, China International Press Group Limited, China Youth Press, the Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) and other Chinese publishers. Ambassador Liu skimmed over the books with great interest, had cordial talks with the representatives of the publishers to understand in details the information about the exhibition and the business operation of the publishers, and discussed the prospect for the development and operation of Chinese publishing enterprises in the UK. Ambassador Liu said that publications are important media communicating ideas, knowledge and information and important windows for the world to have a close observation on modern China and feel the Chinese culture. The Chinese publishers have brought to this Book Fair a full range of delicately designed books introducing the Chinese history and culture and the modern social and economic development in China. These books are good media to introduce China. He believes that the Chinese publishers are able to find their footholds in the UK, and the Chinese Embassy in the UK is willing to provide assistance for the development of Chinese publishing companies in the UK within its reach.

(Ambassador Liu Visiting CIPG's Booth)

This is the first time for the Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) to attend the London Book Fair this year, and its booth has become a major highlight of the exhibition area of China with its large scale, novel design and shows of Chinese painting, calligraphy and shadowboxing. The couple of Ambassador Liu and Director Alistair Burtenshaw of the London Book Fair cut the ribbon together for the booth. Ambassador Liu said in his speech at the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony that the Chinese delegation to the London Book Fair had realized three "biggests" this time: the biggest amount of exhibitors, the biggest amount of books on display and the biggest booth area. The dazzling arrays of beautiful exhibits and the distinctive booths of various publishers may fully display the image and strengths of the Chinese publishers. China will be the guest of honor of the London Book Fair 2012. Ambassador Liu hopes that the Chinese publishing industry may take the strategic opportunity of attending international book fairs to expand overseas markets, display the Chinese culture and views of the modern China to the world, and enable the world to get a better understanding of China.

(Ambassador Liu Talking with Head of China Youth Press' London Office)

The air traffic control caused by the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland had affected the Chinese publishers in varying degrees. Many Chinese publishers were unable to attend the Book Fair, and they had difficulty in setting up booths. With the concerted assistances of the staff members of various booths, all the Chinese exhibitors had not only smoothly set up their respective booths, but also held rich and colorful cultural activities, such as performances of Chinese painting, calligraphy and shadowboxing, and all these had aroused the visitors' keen interest about the Chinese culture. While looking through the books and watching the cultural performances, the couple of Ambassador Liu frequently engaged in cordial interactions with the British citizens visiting the booths of Chinese publishers. They had a simple conversation in Chinese with three British schoolgirls and encouraged them to learn Chinese, understand the Chinese culture and become envoys of Sino-UK exchanges. The London Book Fair has become another important platform for the popularization of China and the Chinese culture.

(Ambassador Liu Giving An Interview to the Media)

The London Book Fair (LBF) was established by British Industrial and Trade Fair Corp. in 1971. Following the Frankfurt Book Fair, it is the second largest international trade fair for books and copyrights in the world and is the most important event in the publication circles in Europe every spring.

Over 40 Chinese exhibitors attended the Book Fair this year. The total exhibition area was 500 m2, and over 1,000 different books were on display. The London Book Fair 2010 has set the records of the biggest amount of Chinese exhibitors and the biggest amount of Chinese books.

(The Couple of Ambassador Liu Taking Photo with British Youths Visiting China Exhibition Area)