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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Visits the Financial Times


(Ambassador Liu Talking with Lionel Barber)

On April 15, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming visited the Financial Times (FT) and had lunch with Lionel Barber, Editor of the FT, after an informal discussion. FT Associate Editor and senior columnist Philip Stephens, Associate Editor and Chief Lead Writer Jonathan Ford, Editor James Kynge and Diplomatic & Defense Editor James Blitz were also present.

Mr. Barber welcomed Ambassador Liu to assume his new post in the UK and introduced the basic information about China-related reporting of the FT. He said that, along with the rise of China and other emerging economies in Asia, the focus of the FT has been gradually shifting towards the Asia-Pacific Region, especially China, in recent years. Currently, the FT has more editors and journalists reporting on China than ever before, and this number is also the biggest among those reporting on Asian countries. China is a big country in the world with increasingly rising international influence and plays a more and more important role in international affairs. Through the years, the FT has all along paid attention to China’s development, constantly published more news on China and dedicated to providing the UK and the international community with more comprehensive and more in-depth information about China. Mr. Barber has visited China 5 times, and has kept a sound partnership with the Chinese Embassy in London. He wished to establish a good working relationship with Ambassador Liu so as to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides.

(Ambassador Liu Talking with editors of the Financial Times)

Ambassador Liu said that the FT is the first UK media that he visited after taking up the present post. The FT is an important newspaper in the world. In recent years, it has published more and more reports on China and has even opened a Chinese website. Now, news on China can be found in the FT almost everyday. He hoped that the FT may constantly strengthen and improve China-related reports and provide the UK and the international public with more objective and comprehensive reports, so as to facilitate the western society’s understanding and knowledge about China. The Chinese Embassy is willing to further strengthen its cooperation with the FT. Ambassador Liu said that FT journalists are welcome to cover the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. He also welcomed Mr. Barber to visit China again to feel the rapid development.

Ambassador Liu also answered the questions raised by Mr. Barber and his colleagues concerning RMB exchange rate, Sino-US relations, Sino-African cooperation, the Iranian nuclear issue, the North Korean nuclear issue, and China’s role and influence in the world.