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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Attends Welcoming Luncheon Hosted by Great Britain-China Centre


(Ambassador Liu Talking with Lord Howe)

On March 29, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming was invited to attend the welcoming luncheon hosted by the Great Britain-China Centre (GBCC). Attending the luncheon were Lord Geoffrey Howe, Honorary Chairman of GBCC and former Deputy Prime Minister, Peter Batey, Chairman of GBCC and others.

Lord Geoffrey Howe extended warm welcome to Ambassador Liu for his assumption of office in the UK on behalf of GBCC and said that Liu is the fifth Chinese Ambassador to the UK that he bids welcome to. He said that China is an important country in the world and the United Kingdom attaches great importance to the UK-China relations. He himself began to pay close attention to the bilateral relations as early as in 1973. Since the establishment of their diplomatic relations, Britain and China have seen continuous development and incredible progress in their relations. He introduced that GBCC was set up in 1974 as a semi-government organization funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development. It is committed to enhancing mutual understanding between Britain and China and conducting extensive cooperation and exchanges with the relevant Chinese departments in various fields including legal affairs, human rights, economy and social reforms. GBCC began to organize the China-UK Leadership Forum in 2007 and will hold the first session of UK-China Young Leaders Round Table in October this year. He said that GBCC values the links and cooperation established with the Chinese side and is willing to continue its active role in the development of the UK-China relations.

Ambassador Liu said that China and Britain are both important countries in the world, the relations with the UK is one of the most important bilateral relations for China, and the relations of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries are not only beneficial to the well-being of the two peoples but also conducive to the world economic recovery and the world peace and prosperity. China attaches great importance to the China-UK relations and is willing to work with the UK to promote a continuous development of the bilateral relations. He pointed out that in his extensive contacts with the British side after he took office, he deeply feels that people from all walks of life, both in and outside the British government, put strong emphasis on the China-UK relations and hopes to further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. Ambassador Liu appreciated GBCC’s active efforts in promoting mutual understanding and exchanges between China and Britain and expressed the hope that the Centre will continue its efforts for the continuous development of the bilateral relations.


(Ambassador Liu Talking with GBCC Members)