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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Calls on British Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague


On March 24, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming called on British Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Hague warmly welcomed Ambassador Liu to Britain to assume his office. He said that China is a world power and has an important position in the British foreign policy. The Conservative Party attaches great importance and makes a long-standing commitment to developing the relations with China. During the Conservative administrations, the UK and China established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level and properly settled the question of Hong Kong. Although in opposition at present, the Conservative Party maintains close ties and contacts with China. Both he and Rt. Hon David Cameron visited China and therefore had an even greater understanding on the country. Although the two sides have differences on some issues, it is crucial to enhance mutual trust and reduce misgivings through dialogue, expand common ground and safeguard common interests. Hague reiterated that no matter what will be the outcome of the British general election, the positive policy towards China of the present British government will not change. He believes that the new government will continue to maintain exchanges and cooperation with China, increase dialogue and consultations between the two countries on major international issues and make joint efforts for the continuous development of the UK-China relations.

Ambassador Liu appreciated the emphasis on developing relations with China given by the Conservative Party and recognized the historical contributions of the Conservative Party to the development of the China-UK relations. He pointed out that China regards the UK as an important strategic partner and the China-UK relations are among China’s most important bilateral relations. To maintain and develop the relations between China and UK will be beneficial for both the two peoples and the world peace and prosperity. China attaches great importance to the China-UK relations and is willing to further the cooperation with the UK in various fields including politics, economy, trade, culture, education and technology on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to jointly cope with global challenges. China is willing to work closely with the ruling and opposition parties in the UK to ensure a smooth transition and continuous development of the bilateral relations after the British general election.

The two sides also exchanged views on the international issues of common concern.