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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming calls on British Lord Speaker Baroness Hayman


On March 23, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming called on the British Lord Speaker Baroness Hayman.

Speaker Hayman welcomed Ambassador Liu to Britain to assume his office. Ambassador Liu conveyed to Speaker Hayman the greetings from Wu Bangguo, Chairman of China's National People's Congress. Speaker Hayman expressed her gratitude and asked Ambassador Liu to convey her greetings to Chairman Wu Bangguo.

Ambassador Liu and Speaker Hayman exchanged views on the development of the China-UK relations. Both sides stressed the importance of the China-UK relations, spoke highly of the development of the bilateral relations in recent years, believed that the inter-parliamentary exchanges have become an important part of the China-UK relations and agreed to further promote the China-UK parliamentary exchanges and cooperation, deepen the mutual political trust between the two countries and enhance the mutual communication and understanding. Ambassador Liu invited Speaker Hayman to visit China at a convenient time this year, and Hayman said she was looking forward to her first visit to China.

Ambassador Liu also introduced to Speaker Hayman the current economic situation in China.