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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Attends Welcoming Luncheon Hosted by the 48 Group Club and KPMG


(Ambassador Liu talking with Chairman Perry, Chairman Reid and others)

Ambassador Liu Xiaoming attended the welcoming luncheon on March 18 hosted jointly by the 48 Group Club and KPMG. Around 30 people, including Stephen Perry, Chairman of 48 Group Club, Mr. Richard Reid, Chairman of KPMG London, Lord Geoffrey Howe and Lord McNally, Members of the House of Lords, Sir Andrew Cahn, Chief Executive of UK Trade and Investment, Sir John Boyd, Chairman of the Asia House and executive officers of Standard & Chartered, Arup Group, Barclays and British Sugar were present at the luncheon.

In his welcoming remarks to Ambassador Liu, Mr. Perry said that the 48 Group Club had been committed to promoting trade and investment between UK and China and deepening friendship between the people of the two countries. The Club, he said, would work with the Chinese side in the years to come and continue to play its unique role as an NGO covering a wide range of trades and industries with resourceful members in presenting today's China and enhancing understanding and confidence between China and UK.

Mr. Reid welcomed Ambassador Liu to KPMG and said KPMG attached great importance to China's market and had expanded business in China in past few years as its staff grew to nearly 10,000. He felt confident that as Chinese economy grew, KPMG would also grow in China.

(Ambassador Liu Making Remarks)

Ambassador Liu, in his remarks, thanked the 48 Group Club for its contributions to China-UK relations over the years and expressed appreciation of KPMG for the importance it attached to cooperation with China. He updated the audience of the current economic situation in China and the positive measures the Chinese government had taken to address the challenges. Ambassador Liu elaborated China's position on RMB exchange rate and stressed that the sustained growth in China opened up broad prospects for trade and investment between China and UK. The two sides should seize the opportunities offered by industrial upgrading, strong consumption demand, low-carbon and green economy strategy in China and the Shanghai World Expo and push China-UK cooperation to a new high. Ambassador Liu also answered questions from the audience on China's foreign policy, China-UK relations, China-ASEAN relations, China-UK cooperation on international issues, Iran nuclear issue and the reform of UN.

Members of the 48 Group Club at the lunch expressed their readiness to play an active role in intensifying exchange and cooperation between the two countries in trade and investment, financial, education, cultural and youth fields, and work jointly to promote China-UK relations as a whole.

The 48 Group Club is an NGO committed to promoting "equal and mutually beneficial trade" between China and UK. Its predecessor, the 48 Group, was initiated in 1954 by a group of British businessmen, known as "Ice-breakers", who broke western blockade against China.