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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Meets with UK's First Secretary of State Lord Mandelson


On March 18th, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming met with and hosted a banquet for UK’s First Secretary of State Lord Mandelson at the ambassador’s residence.

Lord Mandelson extended warm welcome to Ambassador Liu for assuming his new post in the UK. Lord Mandelson said that Foreign Secretary Miliband’s recent visit to China was a positive one, and that the decision made by both sides to elevate the level of bilateral strategic dialogue mechanism was highly significant for the development of UK-China relations. Governments, enterprises and people of western countries including the UK mostly tend to look at the rise of China in a positive way, and expect to enhance cooperation rather than confrontation with China. Lord Mandelson emphasized the great importance that the British Government attached to its ties with China and maintained that its commitment to a positive China policy remains unchanged. Lord Mandelson stressed that the two countries should facilitate communication, promote understanding and expand collaboration in a joint effort to address various challenges facing the world.

Ambassador Liu said that China highly valued Sino-UK relationships, and that the elevation of the level of bilateral strategic dialogue mechanism opened a new chapter of the development of bilateral relations. Both as permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and Britain not only share common interests but also undertake common responsibilities in promoting world economic recovery and in coping with major global challenges. Ambassador Liu stated that many senior government officials, MPs and personages of all circles of Britain whom he met with since he took the office, stressed that the UK laid great emphasis on its relations with China and advocated for further engagement and exchanges with China. He pointed out that the two countries should enhance communication, promote understanding and mutual trust, and make unceasing endeavour to explore the common grounds of bilateral interests, in a concerted effort to take China-UK relations further.

The two sides also exchanged views on Iranian nuclear issue and climate change, among others.