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Carry on the Good Work and Continue the New Chapter of China-UK Relations


--Dinner Hosted by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming in Honour of British All Party Parliamentary China Group

On March 17, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming hosted a dinner at the Chinese Embassy in London in honour of the British All Party Parliamentary China Group. 16 people attended the dinner, including Chairman Ben Chapman, Vice-Chairman Tony Baldry, Vice-Chairman Lord Clement-Jones, Secretary-General Lord Cotter, Group member, Advocate General for Scotland Lord Davidson and Group member, former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Howe.

(Ambassador Liu Making Remarks)

In his remarks, Ambassador Liu highly appreciated the positive contribution made by the Group members, particularly Chairman Chapman, over the years to promoting the mutual understanding and trust between China and the UK. He said that China pays great attention to its relations with the UK, and the bilateral relations have made considerable progress in recent years. Although there are differences between the two sides, cooperation is the mainstream of the bilateral relations and both sides are willing to strengthen mutual understanding and trust and promote cooperation.

Ambassador Liu introduced China's achievements in economy, society and development of democratic and legal system over the 30 years of reform and opening up and said that following the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai will host the World Expo, which will be a great event of technology, business and culture. The Expo will further display China's open and modern image and express the willingness of the Chinese people to live in harmony with other peoples and build a better world together. Liu hoped the MPs may visit the Expo to celebrate the event together.

The Ambassador said that he hopes China Group will carry on its good work and play a unique role in pushing forward the China-UK relations. He and the Chinese Embassy in the UK are willing to work closely with the China Group to promote the inter-parliamentary exchanges between the two countries and further the bilateral cooperation.

(Chairman Chapman Making Remarks)

In his remarks in reply Chairman Chapman said that China Group is the largest voluntary country group in the British Parliament and is also the most active and efficient one. The fact that Ambassador Liu invited the China Group to his first official dinner in the Embassy fully shows the emphasis given by the Chinese side to the British Parliament. China Group is willing to maintain close relations with the Chinese Embassy and continue its efforts for the inter-parliamentary exchanges between the two countries as well as the smooth development of the bilateral relations. No matter what will be the outcome of the British general election, the importance of the UK-China relations will never change, and the Group hopes to promote more parliament members to visit China and attend the World Expo in Shanghai after the general election, so that the members of parliament and people from all walks of life in Britain may have a greater understanding on China.

The British All Party Parliamentary China Group was founded in 1997 and now has nearly 500 members in both Houses of Parliament.

 (Ambassador Liu with Chairman Chapman) (Ambassador Liu with Vice-Chairman Tony Baldry) 
(Ambassador Liu with Vice-Chairman Lord Clement-Jones)  (Ambassador Liu with Secretary-General Lord Cotter) 
 (Ambassador Liu with Advocate General Lord Davidson) (Ambassador Liu with former vice Prime Minister Lord Howe)