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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Calls on British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband


On March 17, 2010, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming called on British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband.

Miliband welcomed Liu to assume his office as Ambassador to the UK and expressed the hope to set up a close working relationship with him. Miliband said that climate cooperation is an important part of the China-UK relations, that through the international climate negotiations in the previous period the UK has a more clear and comprehensive understanding on China's stance, and that he hopes to enhance communication and coordination with other international stakeholders including China to promote the implementation of the Copenhagen Agreement and to strive for new progress in this year's international climate negotiations.

Ambassador Liu said that China and the UK share a lot of common interests on the issue of climate change and there are much more common grounds than differences between them. He said he hopes the two sides will strengthen communication, deepen mutual trust, build consensus and work together to make a contribution to the international cooperation on climate change.

With regard to bilateral relations, Miliband said that it is a consensus both in and outside the British government that good UK-China relations are important for both countries and the two sides are partners instead of rivals. The current development of UK-China relations is showing a good momentum and he hopes that the two countries will continue to expand and deepen cooperation in various fields and further their ties.

Ambassador Liu said that China attaches great importance to developing a comprehensive strategic partnership with the UK and is willing to work with the UK to promote the constant development of the bilateral relations.