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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Meets with Prime Minister Brown's Foreign Policy Advisors


On March 9 and 10, Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming respectively called on Simon McDonald, Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Adviser on Foreign Policy, and Tom Fletcher, the Prime Minister's Foreign Policy Private Secretary.

Both McDonald and Fletcher warmly welcomed Ambassador Liu to assume his new office in the UK, believing that the diplomatic community in London gets another experienced professional diplomat, and hoped to maintain good cooperation with Ambassador Liu and make joint efforts for the development of the UK-China relations.

They stressed that China holds a very important position in today's world, and global issues cannot be addressed without China. The British Government attaches great importance to developing relations with China, which is best evidenced by the four visits to China of Gordon Brown himself. The common interests of the two countries overweigh their differences and it is believed that the differences on individual issues will not shake the foundation of the UK-China relations. The UK hopes to better understand China and is willing to have more contact and communication with China to enhance the mutual understanding of both sides. After the forthcoming British general election, no matter which party will be in power, the established guideline of maintaining a positive policy towards China will not change.

Ambassador Liu said that China attaches equal importance to the development of a strategic partnership with the UK. In recent years the bilateral relations have developed steadily, and this is the result of the joint efforts of both sides, particularly of the full attention paid by the leaders of the two countries. Although China and the UK are different in national situations and cultural backgrounds, the difference will not prevent the two sides from constantly finding more areas of overlapping interests and expanding common interests under the principle of seeking common ground while reserving differences. China is willing to work hand in hand with the UK to enhance mutual understanding and mutual trust and to constantly push forward the bilateral relations to new levels on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. It is believed that the forthcoming visit to China of British Foreign Secretary Miliband will deliver a positive message to the two peoples and the world and will provide a new impetus for the sound development of the China-UK relations.

The two sides also exchanged views on the international issues of common concern.