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Ambassador Liu Calls on British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs David Miliband


On March 8, Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming called on David Miliband, British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Miliband recognized the important role China has played at the international stage as being beneficial for not only the UK and China but also the world economy and the well-being of the people. Although there are differences between the UK and China on some issues, the fact that the two countries are able to resolve these differences itself demonstrates the mutual respect and serious attitude towards the development of partnership on both sides. Miliband stressed that the UK does not change its commitment to engaging and building partnership with China and hopes to demonstrate the priority given to the UK-China relations in practice.

He said that he was eagerly looking forward to his forthcoming visit to China. The UK-China relations are of great importance and the face-to-face communication between leaders of the two countries has an irreplaceable important role in promoting the development of the bilateral relations and enhancing the cooperation between the two sides on major international issues.

Miliband warmly welcomed Ambassador Liu to assume his new office, saying he is confident that Liu, as a sophisticated diplomat with rich work experience, will make positive contributions to the development of the UK-China relations during his tenure in the UK.

Ambassador Liu thanked Miliband for meeting with him within one week after he took office and said that this shows the great importance attached by the UK to the relations between the two countries. China attaches equal importance to the China-UK relations. He himself feels great honor and heavy responsibilities to serve as the Ambassador to the UK and is willing to work closely with all sectors in the UK to make joint efforts in promoting the development of the China-UK comprehensive strategic partnership. Ambassador Liu said that China welcomes and looks forward to Miliband’s forthcoming visit and hopes that it will provide a new driving force for the development of the China-UK relations, and he wished the visit a success.

Liu and Miliband also exchanged views on the international and regional issues of common concern.