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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming is Warmly Welcomed in Chinese Embassy in UK


— Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Celebrates Lantern Festival with Embassy Staff and Their Families

It was in London on February 28. The evening lights were lit and there was still a bit of chill in the air at twilight. The Chinese Embassy in UK, decorated with lanterns and festoons, was filled with an atmosphere of spring.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s new Ambassador to the UK, just arrived in London and went straight to the Chinese Embassy immediately after getting off the plane to celebrate the Lantern Festival together with the staff and their family members in the Embassy.

Upon his arrival at the Embassy, Ambassador Liu received a warm welcome from officials and staff members of the Embassy and their relatives. Entering into the hall, the Ambassador was greeted with applause and laughter from everywhere. He shook hands with every staff member and talked warmly with them.

Ambassador Liu extended in a brief speech his heartfelt congratulations on the Festival, saying that on festival occasions one misses more than ever his dear ones, the day of his arrival in London happened to be the Lantern Festival, and though just parted with his families, he felt in the Embassy the warmth and kindness at home. The Chinese Embassy in the UK is a big family of unity and harmony with an excellent team that stands hard work and has strong fighting capacity. He was confident to work together with everyone in the Embassy to successfully complete various tasks and write a new chapter in the China-UK relations.

Children in the Embassy sang the “Embassy, Our Home” with their cute voices to welcome the arrival of the Ambassador, who gladly took photos with them.

After that the dinner began. Ambassador Liu tasted the delicious food and hot sweet dumplings, talked about families and national affairs and looked into the future with others, and the entire Embassy was filled with gladness and laughter.

On March 1, a plenary meeting was convened in the Embassy in the UK, and at the meeting Ambassador Liu conveyed the greetings from the leadership of the State Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to all that in the Embassy in the UK and made arrangements on the next phase of work.