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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Calls on Ivan Lewis, British Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs


On March 1, 2010 Ambassador Liu Xiaoming called on Ivan Lewis, British Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Also presented were Minister Chen Xiaodong from the Chinese Embassy in the UK and Julia Longbottom, Head of the Far Eastern Group of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Lewis welcomed Ambassador Liu to the UK to take his office and looked forward to maintaining close communication with the Ambassador, establishing good personal and working relationships and working together with him to promote the continuous development of the China-UK relations. He also expressed the willingness of himself and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to provide active assistance for Ambassador Liu’s work in the UK. Lewis said that the current development in the UK-China relations is on a healthy and positive momentum, with frequent high-level exchanges and close cooperation in areas such as economic and trade. Not long ago, he was honored to chair the second China-UK High-level Seminar on Foreign Policy and was impressed by the in-depth exchange of views among senior diplomats from both sides on major international and regional issues. The British side is willing to strengthen the cooperation with China in the spirit of friendship and work together with the country to address major global issues.

Ambassador Liu said that it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to meet with the Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs the very next day of his arrival in the UK and that he was looking forward to building good working relationship and personal friendship with the Minister of State to jointly make continuous progress in China-UK relations. Ambassador Liu stressed that China pays great attention to its relations with the UK and believes that a healthy and stable development of the bilateral relations is not only in line with the fundamental interests of both countries, but also will make positive contributions to maintaining world peace and stability and promoting world development and prosperity.

The two sides also exchanged views on the international and regional issues of common concern.