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It was fun finding myself caught up in X Factor fever and reading about the "diplomatic row" involving my Embassy. I learnt about the X Factor in the neighbourhood from embassy colleagues living nearby who complained about the noise made by the young fans outside the X Factor house. My daughter emailed me wondering if she could fly in and join the screaming fans! I have to admit that I also enjoy watching the X Factor when there is time and have my favourite contestants.

I think it would be unfair to mention who my favourites are but I think all the acts have some great qualities.

For instance I am pressed by the Twins, John and Edward, for their determination and spirit in the face of a lot of criticism. It is not easy at their young age.

Stacey has been more and more brave and being well liked by the fans must have been a great encouragement for her.

Jamie's sincere and energetic voice and dance really get the crowd going. I think his hair makes him looks unique.

Danyl and Olly are both great showmen while Lloyd and Joe have got a lot of potential.

Lucie who is from a small village has a lovely voice like the country she is from and is clearly very popular.

They are all so very talented and it is going to be a very close competition and will be difficult for the judges who are of impressively high quality.

It is no wonder they have so many dedicated fans following!

The fever surrounding the X factor, reminds me of that surrounding a similar programme inChina: called "Chao Girls".  In 2005 Li Yuchun won with 3.53 million votes sent through text messages, arguably becoming China's first TV star chosen directly by the people. The "Kuai Girls" this year, held in 23 provinces, attracted 150,000 contestants and it became such a national obsession that 230 million viewers watched the finals.

This kind of entertainment show, combining live performances and competition, appeals to young people inChina as much as it does in the UK. However, in China, the contestants do not have the luxury of setting up "programme house" in a neighborhood or, if they did, it may be flooded with millions of fans.

The beauty of such shows is that they give young people a chance to realize their dreams. When I was young, the circumstance in China was different,I am glad my daughter's generation is lucky to have more opportunities in life thanks to the progress and prosperity that China today offers. Good luck to the contestants of X Factor.

Article by Ambassador Fu Ying to the Sun on November 5th