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Minister Chen Xiaodong Attending the Evening Party Celebrating China's 60th Anniversary Hosted by the Chinese Students and Scholars' Association in UK


 On 25 September, Minister Chen Xiaodong attended and addressed the Evening Party for the 60th anniversary of the PRC hosted by the Chinese Students and Scholars’ Association in UK (CSSAUK) at the Central Hall in London.

Chen Xiaodong started by extending holiday greetings to all Chinese students and scholars in UK on behalf of Ambassador Fu Ying. Chen said, the outstanding achievements that China has scored in the past 60 years have made each of us Chinese more than proud. Last year, its GDP and total value of exports and imports reached US$ 4.4 trillion and 2.56 trillion, the third globally. Hong Kong and Macao finally returned to the motherland after one hundred years of hardship. Beijing has presented to the world eyes a most marvellous Olympic Games. The successful launch of Shenzhou spaceship and the spacewalk of Chinese astronaut have made an ancient dream of the Chinese nation come true.

Chen said, the past 60 years has also seen China enhancing its global status and advancing friendship and cooperation with countries across the world on all fronts. Great headways have been achieved in China-UK relationship. Since the all-round strategic partnership was established in 2004, there has been frequent exchange of visits and meetings at the highest level. In 2008, two-way trade reached US$45.6 billion, over 140 folds that of 1972. Mutual investment has been on sustained growth. People-to-people contacts are even closer. Chinese students in UK have now totaled 100,000.

Chen thanked the Chinese students studying in UK for their contribution to China’s development and national rejuvenation, and their efforts to facilitate relationship between the two countries. He hoped that they can continue with their hard work and acquire knowledge and skills, to contribute their share to the community, earn their pride for the country, and make themselves messengers of bilateral friendship.

The party continued with entertaining performance. Chinese students and scholars were gathered together to celebrate the 60th birthday of the motherland and wish for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of its people.