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Chinese Embassy in London Held Promotion on "Opportunity and Challenge for Chinese Enterprises' Investment and M&A in UK"


On 2 March the Chinese Embassy in London held a promotion on "Opportunity and Challenge for Chinese Enterprises' Investment and M&A in UK", inviting PWC to introduce M&A in UK. It was presided over by Commercial Minister Counselor Jiang Fan and attended by 150 people including members of the Chinese business delegation traveling along with the China Trade and Investment Promotion Delegation in UK, Chinese enterprises in UK and staff of the Chinese Embassy.

Minister Counselor Jiang Fan said that the event was one of the activities of the Chinese Government's Purchase Delegation, which was followed closely by the British people. UKTI provided the Chinese side with a list of products from over 1000 British companies. Over 400 British companies attended the business symposium. Chinese and British companies need to know each other and keep contact with each other more so as to find opportunity for cooperation to achieve win-win. The Chinese Embassy was willing to provide facilitation and assistance for further cooperation between the business communities in the two countries.

PWC introduced the potential targets for Chinese enterprises in UK in the fields of brand, industrial product and hi-tech as well as main challenges and legal obstacles facing Chinese enterprises. It expressed its readiness to provide support for them in terms of investment and M&A. It answered questions on M&A from Chinese entrepreneurs.

The Chinese enterprises appreciated the event which enhanced their understanding of business opportunity in UK.

On 27 February KPMG held similar event for Chinese enterprises.