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Ambassador Fu Ying Comments on the Apology by the Offending Student from Cambridge University

7th February 2009


Question: According to our knowledge, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge called on Ambassador Fu Ying in London on February 6th to offer formal apologies. The University also forwarded a letter written by the offending student, in which he conveyed to the Chinese people and Premier Wen Jiabao his apologies for disrupting the lecture given by the Premier at the University of Cambridge on 2 February. He recognized that his behaviour lacked the respect and the courtesy due to a guest of the University. Ambassador, what is your comment?


Fu Ying: The inappropriate behaviour by this student on February 2nd disrupting Premier Wen's lecture at the University of Cambridge was met with strong indignation not only from the audience, but also among the Chinese people. It has also affected the image and reputation of Cambridge in China. However, I have taken note of the fact that the said student has written to express apologies for his actions and the University of Cambridge has promptly taken a clear stand on the matter, which is being handled in all seriousness. From the words and actions of this student, it could be seen how he lacks knowledge about China.

I would like to hereby convey the following from Premier Wen: Education is the best help for a young student. It is hoped that the University will give the student an opportunity to continue his studies at the University. As a Chinese saying goes, it is more precious than gold for a young person to turn around to redress mistakes. It is hoped that this student will see his mistake and seek to understand a real and developing China.