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Ambassador Fu Ying and her Husband Visited Richard Spring's Constituency

At the invitation of Richard Spring MP, Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, Ambassador Fu Ying and his husband Hao Shiyuan, Director of CASS Institute of Nationality and Anthropology visited his constituency at West Suffolk on October 17.

They came first to Castle Manor Upper School at Haverhill and held discussion with the faculty and students.

Fu Ying first introduced development in China's economic and social undertakings and human rights since reform and opening-up 30 years ago and answered questions on implications of the financial crisis on China, significance of the Beijing Olympic games, how to view the Western media reports on China. Mayor of Haverhill also came to welcome and joined the Ambassador and his husband in the discussion.

In Newmarket, the origin of horse racing, Ambassador Fu Ying and her husband visited Tattersalls, auction site for thoroughbred. They listened to introduction of local market for thoroughbred, role in local economy and its cooperation with China from its Director of Board Duke of Bedford, Chairman Edmond Manuel.

Ambassador Fu Ying and her husband then watched horse racing at Haverhill at invitation. They listened to introduction of the operation of the horse racing racks and presented awards to the winners of the day. Fu was also interviewed by the local TV.

West Suffolk is located to the west of Northeast's Suffolk. It is the 7th largest shire in UK with 3,801 sq kilometers in area. Its population is over 700,000. Its main industries include horse racing, shipping, telecom, food processing etc. Felixtowe is the largest container port in UK.

Richard Spring MP was the spokesperson for Culture, Media and Sports and Secretary of State for Finance of Conservative Shadow Cabinet.