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Ambassador Fu Ying Visits Rolls-Royce

Ambassador Fu Ying visited Rolls-Royce's production headquarters for civil engines in Derbyshire on 24 September.

Mark King, Rolls-Royce's President for Civil Aviation and Steve Miller, Vice President for China introduced the company's development, China business and future plan. They said that Rolls-Royce valued China market and looked forward to closer cooperation with its Chinese partners. It hoped to develop new business on the basis of the present ones.

Ambassador Fu Ying spoke highly of Rolls-Royce's cooperation with China and expressed her hope that it would seize opportunity and deepen its exchange and cooperation with China so as to work better relations between China and Britain. Fu Ying visited assembly lines, test center and exhibition room. She also met with Chinese employees in Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce, established in 1904, is one of the largest engine producers in the world. Its business covers civil and military aviation, shipping and energy. It started its business in China in 1963. There are currently over 220 airplanes with Rolls-Royce's engines in China.