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Chinese Embassy Holds Reception to Celebrate the Olympics

On 15 August, the Chinese Embassy in the UK held a reception for the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, UK to celebrate the Beijing Olympic Games. The Embassy was beaming with lights and happiness. Embassy staff and their families gathered together. They were excited about the competitions and proud of the medals won by the Chinese athletes. They were talking and laughing.

Ambassador Fu Ying said that China had experienced unprecedented challenges and difficulties. China had met considerable attention and huge pressure from the international community. The Embassy staff followed closely the Games and worked together in the spirit of innovation and unity to achieve their work, contributing to the Games in their own way. The families were indispensable to all this. Ambassador Fu Ying thanked them for their understanding, support and efforts. In the next phase there would still be a lot to do. She hoped that the staff would keep their modesty and commitment, work even harder and build a harmonious embassy in good spirit.

The reception started with the song “China, I Love you”. Sweet singing and beautiful dancing won the hearts of the audience. Cross talk I Want to Succeed and mini play “Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage” brought people to laughter. The Embassy female staff also presented their own programs. The party ended in the song Beyond Dreams.