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The Chinese Embassy and Consulate General Concerned About Murder of Two Chinese

The Chinese Embassy in London and Consulate General in Manchester are deeply concerned about the murder of two Chinese in New Castle. Gong Jianzhong, Chinese Consul General in Manchester contacted the local police immediately to gain information. The Consulate General also informed the local Chinese communities and Chinese students' association of the sad accident and asked for their help. The Consulate General sent its staff to New Castle on 11th to help deal with problems arising from the accident.

On 11th the Chinese Embassy in London also expressed its concern to the FCO and asked the British side to investigate the case and arrest the murderer. The British side informed the Chinese side that the police found the bodies of Chinese students, a male and a female, in an apartment in New Castle in the evening of 9th. The police set cordon around the site and increased patrol in the neighborhood. The case is under investigation and it is not clear yet. They will inform the Chinese side once there is any result. They also hoped that people who know the case can provide information.

It is known that the two victims had been students. Their relatives have contacted the Consulate General in Manchester and local Chinese communities.

The security situation in UK was complicated recently. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate General will continue to urge the British side to take effective measures to protect life and property of the Chinese people. They would also ask the Chinese people traveling to the UK to exercise caution and enhance self protection.