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TCM Week coming to London soon

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has developed over thousands of years and provides a comprehensive, systematic and uniquely Chinese understanding of the natural world and the treatment of the human body. The Chinese government recognises the value of TCM and has enshrined the promotion of the preservation, development and innovative application into the Constitution.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration of China, the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom, and the Prince's Charities Foundation (China) are bringing TCM Week to London under CHINA NOW for the first ever exhibition of its kind in the UK. The exhibition aims to create a greater understanding of and cooperation in medicine between China and the UK - allowing British people and those from all over the world to understand the benefits of TCM and how to make it part of their daily lives. There will be a serial public talk and seminar given by specialists from China and UK during the TCM Week.

Time: 10AM to 18PM, 27th Jul to 2nd Aug 2008

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1J 0AE

Free Admission