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Q & A on how to Sponsor Families and Adopt Orphans in Sichuan

Since the earthquakes in Wenchuan, many Chinese people residing in Britain and British people expressed to the embassy their sympathy to the families and children that had suffered from the earthquakes and their willingness to sponsor them or adopt orphans.

The Chinese embassy would like to thank them for their love and kindness on behalf of the Chinese government and people in the disaster areas.

After consulting with relevant departments, the answers are as follows:

I. Chinese government welcomes donations foreign agencies and individuals to build childcare centers for Sichuan and sponsoring rehabilitation, recovery and education of the orphans. As for rules for foreigners and overseas Chinese on how to sponsor families and adopt the young, elderly and disabled people without family, the civil affairs departments are studying it and will be able to release the rules soon.

II. The earthquakes have orphaned many children. Some are unable to find their family members. The civil affairs departments have sent them either to childcare centers, other families or other means of child care. They are temporarily sheltered and fed and efforts are being made to find their families. Once their identity is clear, registration and adoption will be carried out in an orderly manner according to China's Law on Adoption.

China Adoption Center under the Ministry of Civil Affairs is responsible for foreigners adopting orphans from the disaster areas. Enquiry can be made to them directly.

China Adoption Center

Address: 16 Wangja Hutong,

East District

Beijing 100027

Website: http://www.china-ccaa.org




According to introduction by Sichuan civil affairs department on 31 May, the number of children that had lost contact with their families reached as high as 8000 immediately after the quake. But with normalization of transportation and communication, the number had reduced to 1000 and was still decreasing. After identification, adoption would begin once their relatives agree to give up custody.