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The Speaker of the House of Commons spoke positively of China's disaster Rescue and Relief

On 3 June Ambassador Fu Ying went to the House of Commons to meet with its speaker Michael Martin, MP, and discussed with him on bilateral relations and China's disaster rescue and relief.

Martin said that the China-UK relations were at its best period with strong economic and trade relations, expanding cooperation in all fields and increasing mutual understanding between the two countries and peoples. The British parliament valued its relations with China's National People's Congress and was willing to expand friendly exchange with China.

Fu Ying agreed with the comment given by Martin and maintained that closer relations between China and Britain needed strong political and popular basis as its guarantee. She welcomed Martin and more MPs to visit China to enhance their overall understanding of China. Martin thanked her for it.

Fu Ying briefed Martin on the earthquake disaster in Sichuan and developments of the relief work. She thanked the British government for donating 5000 tents and sending medical teams and hoped to see closer cooperation in disaster rescue and relief with the international community including Britain.

Martin said he was impressed by China's excellent rescue and relief efforts and moved by the care and compassion showed by the Chinese leaders, government and army to the people in the disaster hit areas. He was extremely impressed by the parachuters who, despite the bad weather, jumped from a height of 5000 meters. China released news and started investigation on the building quality, which fully showed its transparency and responsibility to the people.

Fu Ying and Martin also exchanged views on other issues of common interest.