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Jackie Chan Comes to the Chinese Embassy

On 23 May Jackie Chan who is visiting Britain came to the Chinese Embassy to offer condolences to the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake. Jackie, accompanied by Ambassador Fu Ying, stood in 3-minute silent tribute to the victims and signed his name on the condolence book. He then met and took photos with the embassy staff and their families.

Jacky Chan was interviewed by the media. He also spoke to the embassy staff. He said: "I was shocked by the severity of the Sichuan earthquakes and the heavy causalities. I was in tears when I heard of the tragic death of thousands of students under the rubble. But I was in hope again when I heard that our premier went to the disaster scene 2 hours after the disaster. In the process of the rescue and disaster relief, we have many moving stories with soldiers, medical workers and volunteers working in the forefront. I have been thinking that what I can do for the disaster areas. I donated money. I went to the areas with relief materials. But I can't go deeper. I could only visit the hospitals. I want to do more. I have recorded a song sung by people in mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I am organizing a charity performance on 30th and June 1st. I want to make movies about the moving stories that happened this time."

"The Chinese nation cannot be sad for ever. What we should do now is to turn grief into strength and begin to think of reconstruction and people's daily life. That's why our premier was still in meeting at 2am in the morning to instruct the reconstruction. The earthquakes have made 5 million people homeless. How to shelter them? The earthquakes have ruined classrooms. How to help the students back to classrooms? These should be the priorities at the moment. The earthquakes have made the Chinese people united. I am touched by the cohesion and patriotism that are being demonstrated in the wake of the earthquakes. So long as the Chinese nation unite as one, no one can bully us. I am convinced that with the efforts of all the Chinese people and the help of people throughout the world, we will be able to overcome this disaster."

Fu Ying said: "Jackie is a world famous film star. He is also ambassador of the Beijing Olympics. He is popular and well-received both in China and throughout the world. In the wake of the Sichuan earthquake and before the Beijing Olympics when the western public and media are trying to understand and know China, it is a good opportunity for the British people to come to know China with the visit of Jackie Chan who will have exchange with the British public with his vivid language and friendly smile."

Jackie Chan commented positively on the donations by the embassy staff and their efforts in encouraging foreign friends to donate to the Sichuan earthquakes. He also had photos with the embassy staff.