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Fu Ying Signed on the 'Chinese Paddle for Life'

On 28th April, Fu Ying signed on the three 'Chinese Paddle for Life' at the invitation of David Train, the founder of Main Academy Global and former British Olympic canoeing coach. Mike Haslam, the founder of International Dragon Boat Federation and David Train's son Andrew Train, who has won three Olympic gold medals in canoeing, also attended the signing ceremony in the Chinese Embassy.

Mr. Train said that he thinks people in the whole world should engage in canoeing. It needs public participation of all parts. That's why he brought forward the 'Chinese Paddle for Life', to encourage them to make and preserve their own 'Paddle for Life', write their thoughts about combating climate change on it, and use the very paddles in dragon boat racing, or other open-air aquatics activities. This can inspire children's love of the nature and drive the parents and country leaders to sign on to and express their support for combating climate change. Meanwhile, this project requires the planting of two trees for every paddle made, in order to make practical contributions to reducing carbon dioxide emission.

Mr. Train said that, China is the homeland of Dragon Boat, and also the host country of 2008 Olympics. So its participation is crucial for solving the problem of climate change. Main Academy Global hoped that through the three 'Chinese Paddle for Life' and Fu Ying's signing, the children in the UK can know more about the Chinese government's commitment to tackling climate change and then understand Chinese culture better.

Fu Ying appreciated the efforts made by the Main Academy Global and Mr. Train in tackling climate change, as well as promoting China-UK communication. She said that the Dragon Boat racing originated from commemorating the famous Chinese poet Qu Yuan. A sentence in his poem, which vividly reflects his commitment to his faith, is that 'the way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I will search with my will unbending'. His indomitable spirit is exactly what we need to combat climate change.

Fu Ying emphasized that, Chinese government is paying close attention to climate change and taking a series of strict measures to reduce emission. China has actively participated in combating climate change, and is willing to strengthen the cooperation with UK and other countries in the world.