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Chinese Embassy Celebrates the Olympic Torch Relay

On April 21st, Chinese Embassy held a reception to celebrate the Olympic Torch Relay in London, hosted by Counsellor Lu Xu. On the reception, pictures of many overseas Chinese and students warmly welcoming the Relay and protecting it from the disruption of the pro-Tibet protestors in London on 6th April were shown for the first time. Ambassador Fu Ying, Deng Zhuting, the president of London Chinatown Chinese Association, Wu Xiaoming, the manager of London Office of Air China, and Ye Haitao, the president of Chinese Students and Scholars Association UK respectively made speeches. More than 200 people attended, including Minister Counsellor Zhang Lirong, The Economic and Commercial Minister Counsellor Jiang Fan, Education Counsellor Tian Xiaogang and other representatives from overseas Chinese and students, and Chinese funded enterprises.

Fu Ying looked back on the Relay in London on 6th April, and shared her memorable moments of being an Olympic torch bearer. The Torch Relay in its London leg was under repeated organised disruptions, which caused a great deal of trouble. British media also played a negative role by only showing the scenes of disruption and paying no attention to the welcome by more than 80,000 people on that day. But with the support from both Britain and China, the torch still completed its journey, and we have won the hard-fought battle.

Fu Ying Said, the relevant British government agencies carefully organised the relay. Prime Minister Gordon Brown welcomed the Torch in Downing Street. The Mayor of Greater London Mr Ken Livingstone attended the closing ceremony of the Relay, where Princess Anne delivered a warm speech. Scotland Yard also paid high attention and measures undertook effective measures. All these ensured the safe leg of relay in London.

The most touching moment was about 5,000 people of overseas Chinese, students and representatives from Chinese-funded enterprises came altogether in windy and snowy weather, to welcome, support and protect the torch. A lot of moving stories happened. Fu Ying expressed her heartfelt appreciation to them.

Fu Ying pointed out that, the difficulties during the Relay reflected the rough development process of China. This has made Chinese people understand the western world, especially western media further. However, the event was not all negative. The patriotism and cohesiveness of both Chinese in China and overseas have been inspired, which has shown the power of the 5000-year Chinese civilisation in action. However, there will still be many challenges for China to hold the Olympics. Fu Ying hoped that Chinese people will continue to promote their patriotism and explore ways to introduce China's development to the world.

President Deng Zhuting, General Manager Wu Xiaoming, Ye Haitao and Feng Qin, the director of China-Britain Technology Trade Association respectively shared their memorable experiences during the Relay and expressed disappointment with the disruption by pro-Tibet protestors as well as the distorted report by British media. They said with their sincere hearts to the motherland, they would fully support Beijing Olympics and let the world acknowledge China's standing up.