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Ambassador Fu Ying Visited Telegraph Media Group

On April 10th, Ambassador Fu Ying visited the head quarters of Telegraph Media Group, and met with president Aidan Barclay, Howard Barclay from the BOD, and CEO Murdoch MaClennan. She also talked with Tony Callagher, the subeditor of Daily Telegraph, which is a newspaper publishing company under the Group.

Fu Ying discussed the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay in London. She saw the disruptive activities as disappointing and unacceptable and felt grateful for the Londoners' smile and waving towards the relay team. She said, a newly married couple wanted to take a picture of themselves at the scene of the relay, most of the overseas Chinese and students welcomed the relay warmly and joined in the activity. But it is regrettable that these scenes have been consciously or subconsciously lost by the media, who focused more on the disruption and ignored the positive aspects of the relay.

Fu Ying said, the negative coverage of the Lhasa rioting and the Olympic Torch Relay by western media has upset all the Chinese around the world. This is likely to lead to further anti-west feelings. Therefore the media should report as objectively as possible and avoid siding with any party. Fu Ying said she is willing to offer more information on this.

Fu Ying also explained the policy on Tibet by the Chinese government, and revealed the dark reality of Tibet under the reign of Dalai Lama before its liberation. She also introduced the progress on human rights and media freedom in China.

Leaders from Telegraph Media Group and two editors from Daily Telegraph shared their views on the issue too. They said, partly because of the distance between the two nations, most of the British know little about Chinese history and culture, not to mention its contemporary political developments. Among the media, few people are familiar with China, and many of them are only interested in issues like human rights and Tibet. Some reports lack objectivity and can easily mislead the audience. They are so worried because they feel they don't have sufficient understanding on a country which develops at such a fast pace, and this will influence future coverage. Nonetheless, British people do not have bad intentions to Chinese people, and they are dependent on Chinese products in many ways. As the Olympics approaches, China is more and more under the spotlight. Telegraph Media Group is willing to enhance the communication with China and help to provide chances and platform for healthy debating between the two countries. Furthermore, China needs to explore how to engage with western media, and be more open to information and advice. Fu Ying agreed to write an article for the Telegraph.

Fu Ying also visited the news gathering and editing hall of the Group, and listened to the introduction of the transformation of the Group from a print press to a print, virtual and TV media all in one.

Telegraph Media Group runs 'The Daily Telegraph', 'Sunday Telegraph', Telegraph.co.uk, and 'The Weekly Telegraph'. 'The Daily Telegraph' was founded in 1855, which has the largest circulation in the UK.

After the interview, Fu Ying wrote 'Reflections on the Torch Relay', and it will be published on 'Sunday Telegraph' this week.