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Ambassador Fu Ying Visited the "China Design Now" in V&A

On March 11 and 12, Ambassador Fu Ying was invited respectively to the opening banquet and the special cocktail held for China Design Now in V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum).

160 public figures from various circles including the British government, parliament and industrial and commercial circles attended the banquet, while about 1000 guests were present at the special cocktail party. Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, delivered a speech on the cocktail party. Mark Jones, Director of V&A, and Stephan Green, chairman of Board of Directors of HSBC, respectively addressed the banquet guests.

Ambassador Fu Ying Addressed the Special Cocktail Party

Fu Ying addressed that the opening of China Design Now was an exciting moment. She congratulated on the V&A's successful exhibition after four-year efforts and thanked HSBC for its energetic support.

Group photo of the ambassador and V&A guests and the designers

Fu Ying said that it was the first time to exhibit Chinese contemporary designs in the UK. Design was the best thing to reflect the trend of the times. Under rapid changing circumstances, China was experiencing collision and breaking-in of the new and old, the past and current as well the western and China, which significantly affected the Chinese's daily lives. At the same time, each Chinese designer was rooted in the long Chinese history and traditional culture, which inspired but also confined the designer. After watching the exhibition, all of them admired the boldness, vision and wisdom of the artists and designers, and marveled at their ability to turn the collision and break-in into ideas and perfectly combine the dream and reality.

Designers' Works (1)

Fu Ying said that it was the 30th year since the reform and opening-up. Though the world had regarded China as an emerging big power, the Chinese people still believed that the reform was underway and it was an arduous and long-term task to realize industrialization. China could not achieve that end without rapidly developing and increasingly strengthening creative industry. "China Design Now" held at no better time was a vivid example of China's efforts to develop the creative industry.

Designers' Works (2)

Fu Ying said the creative industry was one of the five fields in which Premier Wen Jiabao proposed to Prime Minister Brown to cooperate with each other during his visit to China. This exhibition would improve the British people's understanding of modern China and promote the cooperation between the designers of both sides.

Designers' Works (3)

Fu Ying also said that since the Olympic Games would be held by China this year and by the UK in 2012, it would present more opportunities for both sides to conduct cultural and sports cooperation as well as personnel exchanges. She hoped the insightful people from various circles of the two countries would make joint efforts to promote and deepen the mutual cooperation and further enhance the mutual understanding and friendship.

Designers' Works (4)

Burnham expressed that the Sino-British relations were developing rapidly in recent years with ever increasing mutual cultural exchanges and cooperation. Both sides benefited a lot from their commons. As an important cultural event, "China Design Now" displayed the wonderful designs of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. At present, the exhibition of Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses in the British Museum achieved great success. China and the UK would hold the handing-over ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing several months later and cooperate with each other to carry out various cultural activities within the year. As a result, it would bring new cultural experience and perspectives to the British people and forge stronger ties between China and the UK.

Jones said that since China became the second important consumption market next to the US, V&A made a bran-new attempt to hold such an exhibition aiming at displaying Chinese modern designs and providing the various circles of the UK with a window to learn the influences of China's rapidly developing economy.

Green said that with China's development, the international community found it increasingly necessary to contact and dialogue with China. To this end, it was also necessary to understand Chinese culture and history. The western people knew more about China's long history but comparatively little about the creativity and vigor of modern Chinese people. The exhibition of Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses held in the British Museum displayed the resplendence of the ancient China while China Design Now in V&A reflected the vigor of modern China, mutually complementing and bringing out the best in each other.

China Design Now focused on the achievements of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing in the fields of construction, fashionable dress, graphic design, movie, fine arts, digital media and furniture design, including Shenzhen's creative exploration in the graphic design in early 1990s, Shanghai fashionable dress with distinct metropolis style and Beijing's symbolizing buildings such as the Olympics gymnasiums.

As an important part of China Now Program sponsored by the British industrial and commercial circles, China Design Now has been well planned for three years and would last from March 13 to July 13. A serial of activities would be held centering on the topic of exhibition including seminars, lectures and movies.