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Malloch-Brown Offers Condolences to the Victims of the Wenchuan Earthquake

In the afternoon of 20 May, Minister of state for Africa, Asia and the UN Lord Malloch-Brown came to the Chinese embassy to pay condolences to the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake.

Lord Malloch-Brown said that the UK would like to express its sympathy and condolences to the Chinese people who had suffered such a tragic disaster, its appreciation to the Chinese leaders and government for the remarkable efforts its has made in the rescue and relief, and its respect to the Chinese people for their courage and perseverance. The timely and effective response has reduced the loss. The UK feels the pain of the Chinese side and is willing to provide help whenever necessary. The priority for the UK at this time is to send the tents to the disaster areas as soon as possible.

Ambassador Fu Ying thanked the British government and people for their care and condolence on behalf of the Chinese embassy and the people who have suffered from the disaster.