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Chinese Embassy Go All Out for Earthquake Relief and Rescue

Following the grave earthquake disaster in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, the Chinese Embassy in the UK immediately activated the emergency response mechanism. Ambassador Fu Ying and leading diplomats of the Embassy kept in close touch with British governmental organizations such as Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Department for International Development (DFID) and news media in Britain, briefing them on the disaster situation, the guidance and efforts of Chinese leaders in quake relief, joint efforts of soldiers and the general public in relief and rescue work, support and assistance of various circles both at home and abroad. Ambassador Fu Ying availed herself of opportunities of various functions to introduce the disaster and relevant relief efforts to the British Parliament, Oxford University and other institutions. Counselor Liu Weimin, the spokesman of the Embassy had interviews with many media organizations including the BBC.

The Embassy opened a special column on its official website and publicizes an exclusive account of China Red Cross Society for quake relief and hotline number, and a special account for donation for earthquake victims. The Embassy also assigned staff to handle donations from various circles in Britain. The Embassy has given priority to quake relief and rescue work and spared no efforts in rendering assistance to people in affected areas in accordance with the requirements of the CPC central committee and the State Council, launching donation activities for people in the affected areas. Fund raised will be remitted to the hit area through the Foreign Ministry in the next few days.

To those friendly British organizations and institutions who offered help in the relief efforts, the Embassy has expressed its heartfelt thanks and informed them that the disaster-hit areas are still very much inaccessible due to road blockage. The Embassy will contact relevant organizations and institutions when necessary as conditions permit.

British Foreign Secretary Miliband, Secretary of State for International Development Alexander, leader of Conservative Party Cameron, former deputy Prime Minister Prescott and others expressed their condolences to those who died in the earthquake and sympathy to the injured people and families in various ways. They conveyed their willingness to provide necessary assistance for the relief work.

The Embassy has also received letters and calls from many friendly British groups, enterprises, overseas Chinese and the general public who expressed their sympathy and solicitude for people of disaster-stricken areas. JCB donated 6 backhoe loaders to assist the rescue operations in the earthquake-hit areas. Many overseas Chinese, British citizens of Chinese origin and overseas students in Britain expressed their will to help people of affected areas to rebuild their homes.