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Come and Take Mummy's Hands

- For the children who lost their lives

in the Wenchuan earthquake

Dear, come and take Mummy's hand.

It's all darkness

on the way to heaven.

Don't get yourself hurt,

come and take mummy's hand.

Let Mummy walk you through.

Mummy, I am so frightened

by the darkness on the way to heaven.

I cannot see your hands,

as the sunlight was shaded

by the fallen walls.

I am afraid that I will never see you again.

Dear, I know you have to leave me.

Over there, you may find

no sorrow, no textbboks

and no Daddy's yelling.

Remember daddy and Mummy's faces,

Let's be together in our next lives.

Mummy, don't be sad.

It's crowded on the way to heaven,

as there are so many classmates and friends.

They say, don't cry, don't cry.

And their mummy will be mine.

In those days without me,

Please give your love to the living children.

Mummy, don't cry for me.

Tears give no help.

I will find my way

and walk though slowly.

Mummy, I will keep you and daddy in my heart.

Let's promise to be together in our next lives.